"If it has a keyboard, he'll have a go at it!" That was Faith's comment many years ago as she discovered more about her husband's interests in music as well as computers.

Whether on piano, piano accordion or organ (electronic or pipe, church or theatre) Graeme delights in making music. Some years ago he owned and played a Cordovox which was a piano accordion with electrical contacts under its keys that played an electronic organ at the same time.

Click here for "Pachelbel Moon River"

on piano:

But music is more than just relaxation enjoyment for him. He has decades of experience in accompanying groups of people and soloists singing, whether on his own at piano, piano accordion or organ, or as part of a band with guitars, drums and singers.

Whether you have a need for a regular pianist or organist or whether you have a special event that needs some musical accompaniment, contact Graeme to see whether the types of music he plays would be beneficial to you.

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