A database is a collection of systematic information about many objects.

Some databases list information about people. Common examples are address books which list the same types of information about lots of people.

The feature that distinguishes a database from a mere pile of bits of information is that the database is systematic. For example an address list database will have (usually) a specific field on each record for noting the person's surname, whereas a mere pile of information may consist of bits of paper with information scribbled almost anywhere in almost any order.

Databases can be stored on paper (such as an address book or a card index file) or on computer (such as in a database program or a spreadsheet). Costin Computing Services provides help with databases stored in computer form.

Whether your need is

  • to set up a new computer database, or
  • to understand how to use an existing one, or
  • to move data from one database system to another,

contact Graeme at Costin Computing Services to obtain help!

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