Sending emails to everyone on a distribution list,
or to only selected people on your list,
can be very easy.

If you provide Costin Computing Services with your email distribution list and the content of the email to be sent, we can ensure that it gets sent to all or selected addresses on your list, regardless of whether your list is only a handful or whether it is thousands. We use special purpose software for the job and this avoids the usual limitations placed by ISPs on the number of emails you send.

Our software can also customise each individual email according to your requirements. A simple example is including the recipient's name in the greeting, but much more complex changes can be made. For example, if you are distributing a subscription newsletter, a paragraph reminding of the need to renew the subscription can be placed in emails sent to recipients whose subscription is about to run out.

Your email distribution can be painless -- send the recipient's list (in whole or changes as they happen) and send the email content when it is time for the distribution. Costin Computing services will do the job for you!

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