Are the computers in your office working correctly? Are they communicating successfully with each other on a LAN (Local Area Network)? If not, then Graeme can get things working better for you.

Does your office staff need extra training in using wordprocessors, spreadsheets or presentation programs? Such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint; or Lotus WordPro or Lotus 1-2-3; or ClarisWorks or AppleWorks? Graeme has had extensive experience in providing on the job assistance to computer users, including users who learned computers later in life and don't take to them as easily as today's teenagers do!

Is your office staff fully extended but you need to keyboard and format a complex report in a limited time frame? Graeme has extensive experience in producing quality documents from text and graphics supplied to him. Once we have established a working arrangement, jobs like this could be forwarded to him by email and the completed document emailed back - unless it is too large for a convenient email, in which case it would be sent back on a CD-R.

Computer hardware is not one of our strong points. But if your computers have hardware problems, CCS can recommend some good repair services for either Macintosh or Windows computers.

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