There are many database systems available including Oracle, Access, Microsoft Works, ClarisWorks, Fourth Dimension, and MySQL to name just a very few.

The database system that Costin Computing Services is most experienced in is FileMaker. Graeme has been using FileMaker since it was at version 2 and has produced some large databases in versions 4, 5, 6 and 8. The latest version is FileMaker 9 and it has some excellent new features that can provide even better user interfaces.

FileMaker runs on both Macintosh and Windows and FileMaker databases can be deployed on either operating system. They can in fact be shared at the same time by users on both Mac and Win!

FileMaker is a very malleable system for developing databases and almost any database structure you can think of can be implemented in FileMaker.

Costin Computing Services has produced FileMaker databases for many purposes including

  • consultant jobs lists
  • magazine production tracking
  • courier company bookings, allocations, invoices, and driver pays
  • church office administration
  • Christmas card lists

Contact Graeme at Costin Computing Services to find out if your database needs can be met with FileMaker.

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