Will privacy concerns be satisfied?

Yours: Because Costin Computing Services keeps your email distribution list in a database separate from any normal email program or address book, you can be sure that email addresses will be used only for sending out your email distributions. Furthermore, no other business will have access to your email addresses because their lists will likewise be kept in separate databases. This is a significant advantage of not using a normal email program and its address book for such mailouts.

Theirs: It is essential that every bulk emailing that you arrange includes a clear indication of how the recipient can opt out of any future mailings. This will often be a simple click to start an email reply to an address agreed between yourself and Costin Computing Services so that people who opt out can have their email address excluded from future mailings.

It is also essential that the list you supply to Costin Computing Services must include only email addresses obtained by legal means, preferably by people asking to receive your mailouts. People hate spam! So let's make sure we send emails only to people who are interested in your products or information!

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