does Costin Computing Services handle bulk emailing?

We use the program MaxBulk Mailer, which is specifically designed for sending out bulk emails.

  • It produces very helpful reports of each mailing,
  • It doesn’t stop at the first bad email address (the report at the end allows you to take whatever corrective action is needed for bad email addresses),
  • It can be re-started (in case of power outage or other interruption) without sending extra copies to those addresses which have already been sent to, and
  • It has extra smarts to accommodate the limitations on numbers of emails imposed by ISPs.

We use the program email Verifier for testing email addresses before starting a mailout. Running this program first can cleanout a high proportion of email addresses which would cause problems (but it can’t check for all possible problems).

We use the program email Bounce Handler to semi-automate the handling of messages that come back because they can’t be delivered for various reasons.

Thus we can clean up your distribution list before sending, send the emails reliably, and report back to you all email addresses which are no longer valid.

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